Versace Bright Crystal set for women


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Product description:

  • EAU DE Toilette Natural Spary(50ml)
  • Perfumed Bath & Shower Gel (50ml)
  • Perfumed Body Lotion(50ml)

1.EAU DE Toilette Nature Spary (50ml)

                 Versace Bright Crystal Awakening Lust for Women, based on the sweet scents of flowers, as well as the scents of fruits and musk. It is ideal for women who love the VERSACE fashion house: strong and confident, but feminine, playful and always charming.The main notes of Versace Bright Crystal fragrance combine the fragrant smells of pomegranate, tangerines and cold. After that, the sweet and strong smell of peony and magnolia spreads, which is softened by the delicate smell of a lotus refreshed by water. This large bouquet of aromas ends with the depth of ragweed emitted by plants - musk and mahogany.

- Top notes: pomegranate, fragrant tangerines, cold breath;

- Heart notes: peony, lotus, magnolia;

- Final notes: ambergris, musk, mahogany.

Type of smell: light, passionate.

Recommended for use: day, evening, night.

2.Perfumed Bath & Shower Gel (50ml)

                 The aromatic shower gel foams perfectly, gently cleanses the skin, while moisturizing and protecting it. After washing with this shower gel, the skin becomes soft and delicately fragrant. Application: Massage on wet skin of the body, then rinse thoroughly

3.Perfumed Body Lotion (50ml)

                 This is a special body care product for a woman who loves herself. It not only perfectly moisturizes and softens the skin, but also helps to enhance the aroma of your favorite perfumes and lasts all day. Application. After washing, anoint the body with lotion, then apply perfume.

Attention! Packaging may vary. Great as a gift!

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